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Part-time faculty to be an instructional lead for MAR 653 – Marketing Analytics. (3 credits). Course description: Marketing analytics techniques including discriminant analysis, logit, cluster analysis, factor analysis, and conjoint analysis. Marketing decision support models such as new product diffusion, test-market, price and sales promotion decision models. Other relevant topics may be… View Details Bookmark
CVPA - Setnor School of Music
The Setnor School of Music within the College of Visual and Performing Arts invites applications for a full-time tenure track position at the rank of assistant professor. Appointment begins August 2018. View Details Bookmark
Science Teaching
To support the curriculum and sustain the growing student demand, the Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute (FNSSI) at Syracuse University seeks to hire an enthusiastic, experienced forensic scientist practitioner for the position of Professor of Practice. The successful candidate’s work should complement the mission, goals, and strengths of the FNSSI at SU. This is a three-year ap… View Details Bookmark
The School of Architecture at Syracuse University is looking for Part Time faculty to teach up to three sections of ARC 650 – Architectural Research, a one-credit course repeated throughout the Master of Architecture degree program. One section is offered in the fall semester, focused on an introduction to contemporary design research methods. Two sections are offered in the spring semester, o… View Details Bookmark
School of Social Work
A part-time instructor is needed to teach SWK 712 – Clinical Social Work with Groups (Sec M001) in Spring 2017 semester (1/17/17-5/14/17). Course description: Experiential seminar explores frameworks for therapeutic intervention with formed groups. Focuses on students’ prior experience, aids in integration of new models and techniques into social work model for clinical work with groups. Requir… View Details Bookmark
Arts & Sciences-Writing Program
The Department of Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition, on behalf of SummerStart, is seeking an experienced writing instructor to serve as liaison between the Writing department and SummerStart instructors and consultants, and to participate in placing students into summer Writing SummerStart classes. Position is subject to budgetary approval. View Details Bookmark
African-American Studies
The Department of African American Studies at Syracuse University invites applications for a spring 2018 semester. AAS 409/609 – History of Jazz, 1940 – Present" (3 credits) a non-tenure track, African American Studies and Musicology adjunct PTI position. Meets Tuesday/Thursday 2:00 pm – 3:20 pm. AAS 409/609 History of Jazz, 1940 – Present Determines why Bebop was the most significant… View Details Bookmark
Falk College - Public Hlth/Food Studies/Nutrition
A part-time instructor is needed to teach NSD 200 (M002) – Special Topics: Food Demonstrations for Weight Management (1 credit) in spring 2018 semester (2/21/18-3/21/18). Course description: Selected Topics. This course is intended to give students practical information about eating healthy and sustainably by eating local. Meeting in the new Falk Nutrition Assessment, Counseling and Education (… View Details Bookmark
Arts & Sciences - Honors
Teach HNR 360 American Encounters with China. This seminar focuses on the modern history of United States-China relations as viewed through the biographies of Americans who have been deeply involved with China. We will consider the lives of diplomats, politicians, revolutionaries, business persons, religious leaders, artists, architects, journalists, scientists, scholars, and others. Each of yo… View Details Bookmark
Part-time Faculty to be a section lead for EEE621 – Corporate Entrepreneurship (3 credits). Online course. Course description: EEE 621, Examination of the application of entrepreneurship concepts and behaviors within established organizations, assessment of factors contributing to a company’s entrepreneurial orientation, and identification of ways to foster higher levels of entrepreneurship… View Details Bookmark
University College
Part-time Faculty to design and/or instruct :MAT 121: Probability and Statistics for the Liberal Arts I First in a two-course sequence. Teaches probability and statistics by focusing on data and reasoning. Topics include displaying data, numerical measures of data, elementary probability, discrete distributions, normal distributions, confidence intervals. NOTE: A student cannot receive credi… View Details Bookmark
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Syracuse University’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) in the College of Engineering and Computer Science ( invites applications for a tenure-track or tenured faculty appointment at the level of Assistant/Associate Professor. The Department and the college have distinguished itself with research strength that includes cybersecurity, assura… View Details Bookmark
Public Communications
The Public Relations Department at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications is seeking to fill a full-time Professor-of-Practice (PoP) position beginning August 20, 2018. The primary contribution of a PoP is teaching. We are seeking to add a practitioner with extensive professional experience in Public Relations from the agency, corporate, not-for-profit or government… View Details Bookmark
A part-time instructor is needed to teach PSY 840, Advanced Practicum in Clinical Health Psychology, during the Fall 2017 semester. The course is designed to give advanced clinical psychology graduate student a practicum experience in a clinical setting, where students can observe and participate in clinical work applying the fundamentals of clinical psychology, with special emphasis on clinica… View Details Bookmark
School of Social Work
A part-time instructor is needed to teach SWK 733 (Sec. M001) – Social Work Practice in Mental Health in Spring 2017 semester (1/17/17-5/14/17). Course description: Advanced practice course in clinical social work concentration. Focuses on integration of knowledge in SW program, while including group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and professional use-of-self perspective. Class will meet… View Details Bookmark
The Gravitational Wave Group in the Physics Department at Syracuse University is seeking a candidate to fill a postdoctoral position with a start date of March 1, 2018. The successful candidate will work with Professor Duncan Brown in the Department of Physics at Syracuse University and collaborate significantly with faculty members Stefan Ballmer, Ryan Fisher, and Peter Saulson. There will als… View Details Bookmark
Falk College - Public Hlth/Food Studies/Nutrition
A part-time instructor is needed to teach NSD 300 (M001) – Special Topics: Cooking Gluten Free (3 credits) in spring 2018 semester (1/16/18-5/13/18). Course description: Selected Topics. Applied shopping and cooking class using easy recipes and limited ingredients, to learn how to cook gluten free; including goal setting, nutrient requirements, meal planning, and convenience foods.. Class meets… View Details Bookmark
The Physics Department at Syracuse University is soliciting applications for a tenure-track faculty position in the area of gravitational-wave astronomy. Syracuse University is home to a world-class group of faculty, postdocs, and students in this field and is a founding member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration. The Syracuse group has strength in astrophysics, detector science, analysis, and… View Details Bookmark
Child and Family Studies
A part-time instructor is needed to teach CFS 387 – Intimate Relationships & Gender Roles in Fall 2017 semester (8/28/17-12/15/17). Course description: Overview of marriage and the couple relationship in contemporary society. Relationship development, maintenance, and termination; conflict resolution skills; ethnic/ racial and cultural variations; and issues related to gender. Class meets: MW… View Details Bookmark
Part-time Faculty to be course coordinator for ACC 756 – Advanced Financial Accounting (3 credits). Course description: Accounting and reporting for business combinations, foreign currency transactions, derivatives, and governmental entities. View Details Bookmark
Arts & Sciences - Honors
Syracuse University invites applications from nationally recognized scholars as Director of the Renée Crown University Honors Program, an all-University program housed administratively in the College of Arts and Sciences. The successful candidate will be eligible to be hired at the rank of advanced Associate or Full Professor with tenure. All areas of scholarship are eligible; the Director may … View Details Bookmark
College of Engineering and Computer Science
The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Syracuse University seeks to fill a faculty position in the broad area of controls, robotics and dynamics at the rank of tenure-track assistant professor. Applications are invited in all topics in this area, particularly those that complement current research activities in the department and the college. These research activities include… View Details Bookmark
Falk College - Sport Management
A part-time instructor is needed to teach SPM 225 – Managing the Sports Organization (3 cr.) during the Fall 2017 semester. Course Description: Application of management concepts and theories to sport organizations and the sport industry. Includes issues of leadership, ethics, organizational design, strategic planning, labor relations, diversity, globalization, and organizational changes. Class… View Details Bookmark
Falk College - Public Hlth/Food Studies/Nutrition
A part-time instructor is needed to teach NSD 457 – Research and Evaluation in Nutrition Sec. M001 (3 credits) in the Spring 2017 (1/17/17-5/14/17). Course description: Integrates an understanding and application of research methods in nutrition science. Requires evaluation of current research and builds on knowledge gained from other courses and applies it to research and evaluation. Class me… View Details Bookmark
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Part time instructor for CIS 300/500 Social Media and Data Mining Course Description – 3 credits Social media mining is a branch of data mining, with its focus set on social media. Data mining refers to the process of discovering patterns, or extracting knowledge, from data. Accordingly, social media mining refers to the process of discovering patterns, or extracting knowledge, from social… View Details Bookmark
The Dorus and Pitnick Labs are seeking motivated individuals with a strong background in proteomics, genomics or molecular genetics to study the mechanistic basis of sperm-female interactions. The main goal of the research is to characterize the molecular modifications that sperm undergo as they traverse the female reproductive tract. Although some of these changes may be critical to sperm fu… View Details Bookmark
Part-time Faculty to be a section lead for FIN 751- Corporate Financial Policy & Strategy (online course-3 credits). Course Description: Advanced issues in corporate investment decisions, dividend and debt policy, corporate restructuring, risk management, and corporate governance. MBA@Syracuse section leads will conduct a 90 minute synchronous or live section each week with 10-15 students a… View Details Bookmark
Falk College - Public Hlth/Food Studies/Nutrition
A part-time instructor is needed to teach NSD 425 – Nutrition in Fitness and Sports (3 credits) in Fall 2017 (8/28/17-12/15/17). Course description: Energy needs of activity and effect of dietary intake on performance. Special dietary requirements of specific sports and athletic activities. Dietary ergogenic aids; weight control; sports fads and myths; interaction of alcohol, caffeine, and toba… View Details Bookmark
Part-time Faculty to be a section lead for ACC 652 – Accounting Analytics. (3 credits). Course description: Accounting analytics including Benford’s Law, current and prior period data, anomaly detection, correlation and time series detection, risk assessment and risk scoring, and purchasing card transaction fraud Other relevant topics may be added per discussion with the department chair. … View Details Bookmark
CVPA - Department of Art
The Syracuse University School of Art invites applications for a full-time tenure track faculty position at the rank of assistant professor. Appointment begins August 2018. The scope of this position involves teaching undergraduate and graduate courses offered by the School of Art. The successful candidate will engage in research and scholarly activity as described in the College Tenure and… View Details Bookmark